post 25 Things That Annoy Diners at Restaurants

October 21st, 2011

Just recently found this roundup of diner’s annoyances on a midwestern food blog.  Not a bad site, actually.  It almost makes me want to fly Northwestern/Delta *and* have a hideous layover so I can investigate the Minneapolis food scene.  (Not.)  (I mean “not” on the layover/Delta part, not the Minneapolis part.)

There is even a nice little website gem in there, applicable to every goddam restaurant website on the planet.  Hear, hear:

The whole point of having a website is to disseminate your address, hours, contact information, and reservations policy. List ‘em. List ‘em prominently. Keep them current. Do not bury them behind a 30-second Flash introduction with music.

Many of the grievances are about information and the lack thereof:

  • disclose prices, from “extra sauce” to the daily special
  • if hot food is ow-ow-ow-omigod-hot!, warn diners but don’t “protect” them from spicy food
  • warn about portion sizes – if they are huge and a table of 4 is about to receive 12 pounds of food, it is really courteous for the waiter to notice this when orders are taken and to give the table a heads up
Some of the listed items are just preference (beer without a head?), but mostly I’m on the More. Information. Please. bandwagon.

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