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January 30th, 2012

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Nothing in the restaurant biz is static. Places close, places open, people quit, people walk in and save the day. It happens so often that it seems almost like a big family that just rotates Thanksgiving dinner each year.  Imagine you work at a copy store, and you knew a lot of other people who worked at other copy stores all over town – doesn’t matter which company. And every year or so, half the copy store employees are working at some other store than where they previously did, almost randomly.  That’s kind of how chefs move around – it’s strange to everyone on the outside, and just the pecking order or the way to get by if you’re one of them.

That’s all a long way of saying that less than six months after Casa Vieja closed, the main gastronomic mind behind the kitchen is now in a new kitchen at Desert Fish just east of Nob Hill. Given that Desert Fish has impressed me mightily, I have to check out what Josh Gerwin is going to do with the place. And of course, I’ll have to find out where or where the previous chef/owner went.  I can barely keep tabs on these folks!

Here’s the short scoop, over at Larry’s website: Josh Gerwin rises again!

The wine and cocktail mistress from Casa Vieja is also branching out – rumor has it that the talented Kate will be emerging into a new venture. When I know, you will, too!


  1. Several things have changed at Desert Fish. Weekday lunches have been discontinued (last lunch I had there was with Ryan Scott of Break The Chain fame), and they no longer have Bombay Sapphire gig, without which a perfect Martini cannot be found. They made me one with Bombay gin, and the botanicals were all wrong. Bombay Sapphire has a unique combination of eleven gentle botanicals.

    Look for some other changes. I have been told that a new pastry/bakery chef will be on board probably within a week. I hope that he or she doesn’t mess with the in-house carrot cake—it is among my favorites.

    Two of Josh’s new dish offerings are near spectacular. Welcome back, Josh.

    Comment by Larry McGoldrick — January 30, 2012 @ 6:10 pm

  2. Larry, do yourself the adventure and have a martini with the following options: Hendrick’s, Plymouth, The Botanist, and Rogue (Pink and Spruce gin). I adore them all, but especially Rogue. (ooh, and check out this handy tool:

    I admit I have never liked Sapphire but DO love botanicals in general, for what it’s worth.

    Comment by Andrea Lin — January 31, 2012 @ 10:21 am

  3. I was very excited to try out PF a few weeks ago. I had the Ceviche and the fish fry. It was my first time having Ceviche where the fish was chopped so fine you couldn’t even tell what you were eating. It was nice and tart but otherwise not memorable. The fried fish was also mediocre. Someone ordered the carrot cake which I tried and found it way too dense and oily. Like eating a sweet slice of crisco shortening. The best thing about the meal was the truffle fries. Not someplace I’d bother returning to.

    Comment by laura — February 12, 2012 @ 3:12 pm

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