post Choosing One Best Green Chile Cheeseburger Is Impossible

June 16th, 2011

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. . . but the folks at the NM Tourism department still think that that’s what can and has been done.

Seriously.  Choose your SINGLE favorite Green Chile Cheeseburger from a list of well over a hundred places, and then, list them all out for the entire state and culinary tourist nation to behold.

How to pick the best, if you were choosing all over again?  Do you go by pure flavor, the size, the cheese, the spiciness of the chile, the condiments (or not), the price, the ambiance, the overall experience?  Tough call, but with tons of foodie-driven voices already all over this list, you now have some great specimens to check out and evaluate – did they pick correctly?

Weigh in and tell me YOUR fave, and which one is on this list that really doesn’t deserve it.  I’m sure there are a few.

NM Green Chile Cheeseburger Trail

post Santa Fe’s Atrisco Cafe’s got Game

May 14th, 2011

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Love lamb?  Love all kinds of game meat, gently prepared and exuberantly strong flavored? I was reading the newest copy of New Mexico Magazine today and lit upon a description of a wildly simple entree at a little spot called Atrisco Cafe – leg of lamb burrito with red chile.  Kate Manchester‘s description was evocative enough that we literally scrambled to the car and went up for a late lunch, calling ahead to make sure this now-famous item was still available.

At Atrisco Cafe I had the pleasure of tasting their piece de resistance – a burrito stuffed with roasted leg of lamb from a heritage farm in New Mexico.  Lest you think this is ONLY about Santa Fe – the cafe has history.  George Gundrey opened the spot after generations of family restaurants, including a place at Atrisco & Central in Albuquerque called the Central Cafe, in operation from the 1940′s until the 1970′s.  The whole extended family has their chile-scrubbing hands in places like Horseman’s Haven and Tia Sophia’s – not bad for a story.

The burrito?  It’s really, really, lamby.  And that’s it.  No beans, no garnish.  Even the cheese is gently applied.  It is a good example of why I don’t often order lamb – for my tastes I find many lamb dishes too mild, too toned-down-for-beef-eaters.  But this, this grabbed you by the tongue and said, “hello.  I’m game meat.  How are you today?”

You can revel in that flavor but it does get overwhelming – a friend of mine suggested it was lacking something but we were not sure what.  Maybe calabacitas, maybe some beans, something with a little neutrality.  But if you want to be smacked in the head with your leg of lamb, it’s perfect.

Oh, and their red chile is pretty darn good, too.

post Green Chile Cheeseburgers – VOTE NOW!

March 31st, 2011

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Today is the LAST day to get your vote (or votes) in for the best Green Chile Cheeseburger in the entire gosh-darned state of the Land of Enchantment. The Land of Enchilement.

Whatever you want to call it, your voice must be heard, crying out in the wilderness of yellow processed cheese and canned chiles – choose the best, and vote as many times as you can ethically stand.  Get creative and remember that amazing burger you had in some little dive in a tiny town, or just pile the love on to something BIG and inspiring and well-known.


post Muffin Man and Chile Family – Juicy Tales

March 30th, 2011

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Aye Carumba, there has been some crazy food-related news here in the Duke City as of late. First of all, if I were going to get into an altercation (with rocks!) over some stolen food it might be oysters or chocolate or red chile . . . but a muffin?  And, (sorry guys), but really – a muffin from Copper Canyon Cafe, which may very well have come from Costco?

How about a place with good muffins, like Just Muffin Around, or Flying Star?

It only gets more interesting and sordid after that. Garduno’s continues to splinter, after the current creditors decided that the remaining family owners were more trouble than they were worth and canned the lot of them. Henrique Valdovinos is the head of the current ownership-group and he wants the much-slashed chain to remain open and viable for years to come, especially if someone steps in and buys the business. Anyone got $1.75mil?

post 2011 Scovie Awards are Scintillating!

October 20th, 2010

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Hey everyone, the Scovies are out, the Scovies are out!

I am very sad to report that due to schedule conflicts this is the first year in many that I was *not* a judge, but I am so happy they got a great selection of both local foodies, reporters, and afficinadoes to taste and judge over 650 products. Wow!

In the end, there was a new first – a tie for the big champion and it was between two of my favorite things – horseradish and chocolate. Yes, you heard correctly. The champion was not a salsa or a BBQ sauce (yay!), but rather products that push the envelope of getting out tastebuds to feel the burn.

TIE: Barhyte Foods’ Saucy Mama Creamy Horseradish and Poco Dolce’s Super Chile Toffee Squares

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