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January 31st, 2013

Howdy, everyone. I often find myself in a place wondering, “what in the heck is going on with new restaurants around town?”

At that point I need to use my Google-Fu and start digging for information. You know that often gossip is inaccurate, so how can we find good information? I have a few tips on how to find what you want. Here we go:

1. Urbanspoon’s “new restaurants” list. This is a hidden search on Urbanspoon’s page, but handy if you only want to see what has been added to their database lately. Here’s how to find it: in, you’ll be on the main page where it shows you the hip/hot/featured restaurants for your city. This is the address of that page:

Scroll down until you see the stuff in the left-most column come to an end. You’ll see a tiny link that looks like this:

…and it’s URL is this:

To make sure you can always get back to this page, just bookmark it! Done.

2. – this is a tumblr site with lots of drool-worthy photos of New Mexico food. However, there are also links to a list of recent restaurant closures, as well as a way to buy the book called “Food Lovers’ Guide to Santa Fe, Albuquerque and Taos” – a brand-new compendium of over 300 food spots all over from restaurants to stores to breweries. Yes, I’m biased. But YES it is an amazing resource and you should have one in your glove box.

3. Email me! Need a tip? Just get in contact using my easy-peasy email address. It’s my name AT andrea <dash> lin <dot> com. Translate that into an email and you’re all set. Or send an email to that chick over at item #2. We have strikingly similar knowledge sets.

post NEWS: Andrea Lin’s Albuquerque Restaurant Review Archives Now Available

August 6th, 2011

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Wow, that took quite a while but I am building a repository of ALL the restaurant reviews I have written, starting with this year and adding more going backwards chronologically.  Eventually I’d love to include the Duke City Fix stuff, too!

Each is pdf’ed and most have website links for your ease of further research, and so far it’s just 2011 but that should give y’all a great start.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE – call first!  A few on the 2011 list are already out of business, and I’ll annotate them when I can but “let the eater beware”.

Andrea Lin’s Albuquerque Restaurant Reviews Archive

post Good Restaurants: Google Themselves

September 24th, 2010

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Part One of my “Good Restaurants” series.

Of course, this can be applied in many cases to all businesses, but since I typically deal with restaurants, I’ll put the focus on them.

GOOGLE YOURSELF – if you like what you see, great. If you don’t, you can some ability to change it. If you don’t see any relevant results AT ALL, start working on it immediately – your survival could depend on it.

If there’s one thing that annoys me about *any* business (and of course, there ain’t one thing, there’s usually lots of things…), it is the inability to EASILY find out hours of operation.

Assuming you have a working phone number and address, when someone calls you, if they don’t hear a live person answering, the very first thing they should hear is, “thank you for calling ZZZ.  Our hours of operation are:  YYY”.  It should be plastered on your front window, on every piece of paper you publish from biz cards to menus.  It should be on your WEBSITE in text (that might be Part Two).   And it should be in your YELP and GOOGLE pages – you as the business owner can control those pages – do so, especially if you don’t have a website.

Good businesses do this, and good luck to the rest….

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